Jazz Up Your eLearning Journey with JazzJune’s Exclusive 24% Discount Offer

Dear eLearning enthusiasts,

We’re thrilled to announce JazzJune.com’s initiative to transform eLearning in 2024. Under the banner of “Learn. Create. Connect.,” JazzJune is revolutionizing educational content creation and monetization.

What’s the Deal?

JazzJune is offering a substantial 24% discount in ’24. You get 24% off listings, when you buy five or more, so you can list learning products for sale on the JazzJune Marketplace. The offer is valid through January 31, 2024.

Creators like you can sell a range of digital products such as online courses. Creators can also use their listing to sell services like tutoring or instructional design. The popular 5 Listings package is a unique opportunity for creators to sell up to five products to unlimited learners for just $152 in their first year, saving $48 off the original price.

A Risk-Free Promise

JazzJune’s commitment goes beyond discounts. We’ve introduced a ‘No-Risk Listings Guarantee’. If a creator doesn’t earn back their initial investment in the first year, JazzJune will refund the difference, up to the full amount. This bold move by JazzJune ensures a risk-free opportunity for creators to share their knowledge.

Why JazzJune Stands Out

This initiative significantly lowers the barriers to entry in the eLearning market, enabling more educators and experts to monetize their knowledge. By reducing costs for creators, JazzJune also makes high-quality educational content more affordable for learners.

Join the Movement

As we step into 2024, JazzJune.com invites educators, experts, and creators to explore these opportunities and be part of a community reshaping online learning.

Embrace this chance to enrich your teaching experience and reach learners everywhere. Choose a subscription today and take advantage of this incredible offer​​!

Yours in learning and innovation,
The JazzJune Team

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