Social Guidelines

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Last Updated: December 10th, 2021

  1. Learning always comes first

JazzJune is a platform dedicated to learning. Therefore we should all make a conscious effort to keep the content we share related to learning. 

Feel like sharing what you had for lunch today? We can guarantee that post will get more attention on Facebook or Twitter. But, if you wanted to share something that you learned about your lunch today, or something others can learn from your lunch, such as the recipe or health benefits, that would be an appropriate post for JazzJune.

  1. We take facts seriously

Because JazzJune partners with reputable educational institutes, and does its best to provide partners with truthful, accurate information; we expect every user on JazzJune to do the same.

Found a post on Facebook that you want to share on JazzJune, but aren’t entirely sure if its accuracy? You have two options: Either don’t post it, or use reputable resources and fact-checking to determine if it’s true. If you decide to skip this step, and can’t provide accurate proof, we guarantee our dedicated users will do the fact checking for you, and if found to be false information, you will be warned. Do this enough times and your account could be suspended or terminated.

  1. There is no such thing as a “dumb question”

JazzJune was founded on the principle of having a safe, open place for people to learn, interact and get the help they need to achieve their goals. This means everyone is at different stages of learning. We should all accept that and do what we can to help each other learn, without being condescending or rude.

Feel like someone is asking obvious questions to patronize or “troll” other users? Don’t take it upon yourself to address this user, but instead report them. Our staff will look into it and determine if it warrants any action. 

  1. Harassment, bullying, explicit content and encouraging dangerous behaviors will not be tolerated

Feel like being a jerk? Don’t. Just don’t. We control this platform, and we don’t have room for people like you. So know this, You’ll get ONE warning from us for any behavior that falls in this category. Do it again and your account may be suspended or even terminated depending on the severity of your actions. Also, don’t be inappropriate and share anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see.