We Can’t Go Back To Normal, So Let’s Go Forward

We Can’t Go Back To Normal, So Let’s Go Forward image

Back to school. Back to work. Back to business as usual. Now more than six months into the pandemic, it’s normal to hope for all of these things. 

But without a reliable timeframe, it’s unrealistic to think about going back to the way things were any time soon. Instead, let’s go forward.

The New York Times marked the six month anniversary with a story exploring the multitude of ways New Yorkers adapted and evolved during the lockdown. They took stock of their resources, determined new approaches and made the best of their situation:

“During a crisis that has not disappeared, there are signs of resilience and innovation — vibrancy in unusual places and a reimagining of community, resources and opportunity. And a distinct sense of resolve: Our landscape was profoundly altered. But we remain. We will endure.”

The Times makes clear this is not a story of triumph. The virus is still out there and likely to be with us for a while. 

“Yet this is a moment of adaptation and improvisation. When people pool what they have to create something new. When they take unfamiliar steps away from what was to what can work now,” the story reads (emphasis added). 

At JazzJune, it’s that spirit of renewal and of revitalization that drives us in our quest to revolutionize education and make it accessible to everyone. Even if we could go back to that good-old normal,  we know there are new and better ways to learn. 

So rather than waiting to see when we can go back, let’s go forward – with energy and optimism, with creativity and flexibility. Let’s go forward with courage and compassion, generosity and enthusiasm. 

We can’t go back, so let’s go forward.

* * *

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