The Education Revolution is Already Underway

The Education Revolution is Already Underway image

While the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, the future of education is evolving rapidly and many of the adjustments that have been made are likely to linger in the long-term. 

Even after the pandemic, online learning will become a prominent feature of the education landscape with implications for how people learn, work and re-learn in the decades to come. 

In a recent New York Times column, Thomas Friedman wrote that this revolution will affect everyone. “No job, no K-12 school, no university, no factory, no office will be spared. And it will touch both white-collar and blue-collar workers,” he wrote. 

Successful learners of the future will embrace continuous education, re-learning, re-training and pivoting from one career to the next. 

“Obviously, everyone still needs strong fundamentals in reading and writing and math, but in a world where you will change jobs and professions several times, the self-motivation to be a lifelong learner will be paramount,” Friedman writes.

Educators and employers will need to provide access to ongoing instruction in multiple disciplines if they are to stay competitive. People will be expected to change not just jobs but entire professions within their lifetimes. That will make career paths far less linear. 

Rather than “learn-work,” Heather E. McGowan, co-author of “The Adaptation Advantage,” says the pattern will more likely become “work-learn-work-learn-work-learn.”

“Learning is the new pension,” Ms. McGowan said. “It’s how you create your future value every day.”

JazzJune is founded on the principle that learning is a lifelong endeavor. We have built our platform to provide multiple paths to success, and we are eager to help everyone thrive in the coming education revolution. 

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