Crowdfunding Campaign Keeps JazzJune Focused On Learning

United team celebrates with hands in the middle.

We are getting closer to opening our doors so that JazzJune can revolutionize the world of online learning, but we will need a little boost from you to get us there. 

Rather than spending our time pitching investors, we want to raise money mindfully and keep the focus on our future users. We are working hard to refine our platform as quickly as possible so we can bring it to you by “Back to School” season. But as we all know, that may not happen for everyone, so JazzJune wants to be there for you by then. 

Whether you’re a young student, lifelong learner, emerging leader or established educator, JazzJune brings the global world of online and remote learning together in a simple and affordable platform. Our goals are ambitious: democratize online learning, expand access for those who have been left out or left behind, and increase the quality of online classes and outcomes. With your help, we know we can get there.

Early JazzJune supporters will receive a membership at a deeply discounted rate and have access to our beta version to help us deliver a product as close to our ideal as possible. Plus you’ll be able to create a crowdfunding campaign of your own! JazzJune will include a tool that lets every user solicit support from friends and family to raise money exclusively for their education.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this exciting journey. Join the Revolution!

Stay on top of the latest developments and watch for an invitation to be among the first to access JazzJune.

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