Mini Essay: Learn to Write a Narrative Essay

from Eric Matas

A mini essay serves as a blueprint for understanding an essay’s structure. It includes all essential components like the title, hook, thesis, and body paragraphs, but keeps them succinct. This concise format allows students to easily grasp the fundamentals, setting the stage for more detailed writing. The following mini essay is a narrative essay – a story with a point to make – and is made up.



The Illusion of Easy Riches: A Lesson in Priorities


I was on the verge of something big—a business deal that promised not just money but a whole new life. Little did I know, the glimmering opportunity would turn into my greatest lesson learned.

Thesis Statement

Distracted by the allure of quick success, I put college on the back burner, only to learn that not all that glitters is gold.

Body Paragraph 1

It all began with an email, enticingly titled “Invest in Your Future Now!” The business plan looked foolproof: invest a small amount, do minimal work, and watch the profits roll in. The potential returns were staggering. 

Body Paragraph 2

Ignoring my coursework became easier each day as I dove deeper into this venture. Classes seemed trivial compared to the fortune awaiting me. Even warnings from friends and professors couldn’t deter me; I was hooked.

Body Paragraph 3  

Months went by, and the expected windfall never materialized. Emails went unanswered, and my “foolproof” business evaporated into thin air. Reality hit hard—I was not only out of money but had also fallen far behind in my academic journey.

Body Paragraph 4  

The cost of my distraction was steep. With a drained bank account and a year of wasted tuition, I had to re-enroll in classes, catching up on what I had arrogantly dismissed as unimportant. 


The shiny promise of instant wealth had blinded me, causing a derailment in my college career. 

Memorable Ending Sentence

Now, back on the academic track, I understand that the best investment is in steadfast work and education, where the returns may be slow but are also real and lasting.