JazzJune CEO & Founder, Alex Londo, Receives Outstanding Leadership Award

The award, issued by the Education 2.0 Conference, is a unique recognition of forward-thinking leadership in education.

BLOOMINGTON, MN, 55437, January 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The CEO & Founder of JazzJune, a free social learning platform that provides digital tools to easily create and share learning content such as courses, groups and more, has accepted an award for outstanding leadership of an education technology (EdTech) company.

Presented at the semi-annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, the award is given to participants based on 5 qualifying factors: Leader’s Reputation, Achievements & Accolades, Professional Experience, Creative Thinking and Decisive Leadership. Only those who have the highest aggregate scores are eligible to receive the award.

“I am honored to be recognized as a thought-leader in my field and couldn’t have done it without an incredible team behind me,” said Alex Londo, Founder & CEO of JazzJune. “We’re working every day to rewrite the rules of learning, development and education at large,” Londo continued.

Education 2.0 Conference’s goal is to bring the global education community together to facilitate knowledge sharing and to look for solutions to issues faced in education transmittal in this day and age. With the Education 2.0 Conference, they aspire to present a vibrant platform where changemakers from the education industry can meet with peers and discuss ways and means to revolutionize how we learn and teach.

“This is what makes accepting an award from Education 2.0 so exciting,” Londo stated. “There are discussions happening at this progressive conference that wouldn’t dare be talked about at other, more institutionalized events,” he continued. “Accepting this award among my colleagues who are also innovating future solutions to yesterday’s problems, is all the difference. It means we’re making progress,” Londo concluded.

To learn more about the Education 2.0 Conference, you can visit their website: https://www.education2conf.com/

About JazzJune
JazzJune is a free social learning platform that provides digital tools to easily create and share learning content such as courses, groups and more. JazzJune was founded by a team with 30 years of combined experience in eLearning design and communications who were frustrated with expensive and complicated learning management systems. They believed they could develop an easier and more effective way to create and share learning content.

JazzJune believes some of the world’s most challenging problems can be solved by giving everyone fair and equitable access to learning opportunities and resources. By providing choice, clarity and guidance, learners can make better decisions about their education. Create your free account today, visit jazzjune.com

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