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Growth By The Numbers

Step into the driver's seat of your business finances with 'Growth by the Numbers'. Experience a breakthrough in understanding and managing your financials, as Ryan Murray unravels the complexities of business accounting. In less than a day's commitment, you'll emerge equipped to optimize profits and make strategic moves that set you apart in the marketplace. Enroll now and turn financial insights into your competitive edge.

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Growth By The Numbers

Startup Marketing – eBook and Audio Download

Startup Marketing is a great resource for anyone in the startup phase of their business. If you’re wanting to launch and not sure what to do, this book is for you.

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Startup Marketing – eBook and Audio Download
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Business Growth Planning

Business Growth Planning walks you through the steps necessary to create an actionable business plan that can be used at any stage of business to successfully grow you business.

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Business Growth Planning

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Sources of Cash

Learner Success Story

What a refreshing experience to get Ryan's expertise first hand when we attended the 'Growth by the Numbers - Small Business Financial Management' course. We have been involved in different businesses for 20+ years and we could never get an accurate picture of what our business was doing until now!!! We have paid thousands of dollars to consultants who could not give us the knowledge that we gained from looking at our company through the numbers by the methods taught in this class. We discovered where our problem areas were and how to fix them. We now have a process to check-up on our business monthly. Thank you Ryan!!!"

Yvonne Gardner

Growth by the Numbers – Funding the Business

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Internal Cashflow

  • Generated from sales within your business
  • The most sustainable form of cash flow
  • Does not require any form of payback
  • Internal cash flow can only come from healthy, well managed companies
  • Can limit growth of the business
  • Can make a business less competitive
  • Is difficult to get started, especially for product based businesses

External Cashflow

  • Borrowed money from creditors
  • Can be a good way to quickly grow a company
  • Allows the owner to leverage their business (get more for less)
  • Some liabilities don’t have interest expense (vendor credit, interest free loans)
  • Debt is expensive early on in the business
  • Too much debt can ruin a company
  • Can be difficult to acquire for startup businesses
  • Requires owners to put up collateral and use their personal credit

External Cashflow

  • Invested money from owners
  • Can be an inexpensive way to start a business
  • In addition to money, equity investors can bring expertise to the business
  • Can be less formal or easier to structure a deal
  • Equity is expensive later on in the business
  • Requires the owner to give up a portion of ownership
  • Equity can hide a poorly managed company
  • Owners can easily put too much in equity

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Ryan Murray

Ryan Murray is heavily involved in multiple entrepreneurial activities and loves working with small to medium sized businesses. Ryan is the creator of The 5 Disciplines of Marketing, Growth By The Numbers, and Entry Level to Success. He has trained hundreds of successful entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, customer service, and personal development. He is author of the book Startup Marketing and is co-host of the podcast, LearnBiz Podcast.