Certification Policy

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Last Updated: April 24th, 2024

Introduction JazzJune, Inc. is committed to providing a reliable and transparent validation of skills and knowledge acquired through our diverse training programs. This Certification Policy outlines the standards and rules governing the issuance of Certificates of Completion to users who have successfully met the completion criteria of their chosen training program.

  1. Completion Criteria The criteria for program completion are established by the program’s instructor and are uniformly applied to all participants. These criteria are transparent at the onset of the program and may only be altered at the commencement of a new session, ensuring fairness and clarity for all users.
  2. Verification Process JazzJune, Inc. collaborates closely with instructors to validate that all completion criteria have been fulfilled accurately. We are dedicated to resolving any discrepancies or errors promptly to maintain the integrity of the certification process.
  3. Certificate Issuance Upon successful verification of a user’s final record, a Certificate of Completion will be issued. This certificate is validated and secured using JazzJune, Inc.’s Digital Signature Partner, Zoho Sign, ensuring that each certificate is legally recognized.
  4. Certificate Details Every Certificate of Completion includes essential details that affirm its authenticity and traceability:
    • Certificate Owner: The individual to whom the certificate is issued, correlating with the user meeting the completion criteria.
    • Certified Complete Date: The official date when the program was completed.
    • User ID: A unique identifier for the associated JazzJune.com user.
    • Course ID: A unique identifier for the associated JazzJune.com course.
    • Training Program: The specific name of the completed training program.
    • Signatures: Includes the digital signature of the authorized signatory from JazzJune, Inc., as protected under The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act).
    • Full Name and Title: Of the signing authority, ensuring traceability and accountability.
    • Unique Digital ID Each certificate features a unique digital ID provided by Zoho Sign, located in the upper left corner of the certificate, for additional security and verification purposes.
  5. Blockchain Verification JazzJune, Inc. has integrated Bitcoin-Blockchain technology to offer an advanced level of document verification. This secure approach ensures the authenticity and the integrity of the certificates by leveraging the immutable nature of blockchain technology.

    Blockchain-based Timestamping
    Blockchain-based timestamping adds an additional layer of verification and public accountability for the documents issued by JazzJune, Inc. This method involves recording the digital signing event of a Certificate of Completion on the public, decentralized Bitcoin blockchain network. This method involves the following steps:
    • Timestamp Request: Upon the digital signing of a Certificate of Completion, a timestamp request along with the document hash is sent to OpenTimestamps servers.
    • Blockchain Recording: The server aggregates these requests and records them on the Bitcoin blockchain via a transaction that includes the information in a transaction block.
    • Proof of Timestamp: Once committed to the blockchain, a proof is generated and linked to the document, offering an immutable record of signing integrity.
    • Privacy and Security: Only the hash of the signed document is added to the blockchain, ensuring document content remains confidential.
    • Verification Access: Details such as the transaction ID and document hash can be verified on the OpenTimestamps website by accessing the specific Bitcoin block ID.
  6. Certificate Validity Certificates issued by JazzJune, Inc. do not expire. They serve as a lifelong testament to the knowledge and skills acquired by the certificate owner.
  7. Non-transferability Certificates are strictly non-transferable. Ownership of the certificate is confined to the individual who originally earned it, ensuring personal accountability and authenticity.
  8. No Monetary Value Certificates have no cash value and are intended solely as a record of achievement in educational pursuits.

Additional Provisions

  • Audit and Review: JazzJune, Inc. reserves the right to periodically audit and review the certification process to ensure compliance with educational standards and legal requirements.
  • Changes to Policy: This Certification Policy may be updated or modified at any time. All stakeholders will be notified of significant changes through their registered email and updates on the JazzJune website.

By participating in our training programs, users agree to abide by the terms laid out in this Certification Policy. JazzJune, Inc. is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of educational integrity and excellence.