About JazzJune

We aspire to democratize online learning, expand access for those who have been left out or left behind, and increase the quality of online classes and outcomes. We have also set an ambitious goal of creating 1 million new jobs and creating a vibrant community of engaged, connected learners and leaders.

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Why JazzJune?

The Mission

To know what makes JazzJune tick, you should know our 4 “G”s:


We are obsessed with making learning better — for everyone. We know one size has never fit all, so we have made JazzJune to appeal to as many different types of learners as possible. It’s the new way to school.


Nothing should stand in the way of your learning — especially money. A simple fundraising tool lets you solicit support from friends and family who can bridge any financial gaps (Grandma has always been there for you, right?). And we are establishing the JazzJune Foundation to further raise money that can help students in need.


If learning is our passion, jobs are our motivation. Our long-term goal is ambitious but achievable: create 1 million new jobs. At JazzJune, you’ll find opportunities to connect with employers looking for someone with just your skills.


If JazzJune were a tree, it would be a bonsai. Small and sturdy with strong roots, we cultivate what is healthy and thriving and gently prune what’s unnecessary. With constant care and patience, we hope to create a thing of beauty.

Who is behind JazzJune?

The Founders

Every team needs leaders.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alex has been a lifelong learner ever since discovering the possibilities that public access television provided him at a young age. A video creator at heart, he was able to learn on his terms by surrounding himself with the people and resources he needed to develop the skills that would accelerate his future in multimedia and video production, without ever completing college. It was during this tenure that he met Eric, who introduced Alex to e-learning development and instructional design. In 2018, Alex and Eric collaborated to lay the foundations for JazzJune, and together with Jason Skog, they built a company that aims to provide the same access to people and resources, so others can become lifelong learners. Alex believes accessible learning is core to both individuals and societies achieving a higher level of understanding for one another and creating a better tomorrow. When he isn’t working on JazzJune, you can find him on the course hitting for par (or bogey), or on the slopes out west. 

Founder and Chief Learning Officer

Eric gets excited about making learning better for people. He is a teacher, coach, instructional designer, and e-learning developer. In 2011 he created Shoehorn LMS, first implemented at Anytime Fitness, the fastest growing franchise in the world, serving and training more than 3,000 franchisees and their staff. In 2020, with an eye on serving even more learners, Eric turned his attention to JazzJune, a simple yet revolutionary platform that makes learning better. Eric likes ideas, dreaming, meditating, and learning, especially from his 7 children as they grow up.

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Jason has been writing for audiences of all ages for almost three decades. He is the author of 17 books for young readers; a former journalist who covered education, technology, youth issues, city government and the justice system; and he has been a marketing and communications professional at some of the world’s largest law firms. When he’s not writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two school-age sons, playing outdoor sports, taking hikes and hitting the beach. 

Our Story

JazzJune is the realization of a dream for a longtime educator, entrepreneur and online learning expert; a video, multimedia and visual communications producer;  and a veteran journalist, author and marketing professional.

So, are you ready to join us?