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JazzJune levels the playing field by giving everyone access to the the digital tools for creating and sharing learning content on a platform designed to foster organic growth and conversation about their educational journey.

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It’s a simple concept, but for some reason our competitors keep it complicated (and expensive). You see, we believe everyone should have access to the tools for free, while those who wish to monetize their content only pay a low annual fee based on the number of items they want to sell in the JazzJune Marketplace.

We call these Marketplace Listings Subscriptions, and they significantly reduce the cost of transacting online learning content, services & more.

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Take a look below to see how you can save hundreds or even thousands a year on platform fees. Plus, we never take commissions, keep 100% of what you sell.


$ 468
  • 5 published products
  • 5% revenue sharing
  • No-code course builder
  • Integrated payment processing


Recommended Plan
$ 152
  • 5 published products
  • No revenue sharing
  • No-code course builder
  • Integrated payment processing


$ 1440
  • 3 published products
  • No revenue sharing
  • No-code course builder
  • Integrated payment processing

Why annual subscriptions only?

Successfully monetizing learning content isn’t just a one month, or even two month process. It takes time for followers to convert to purchasing learning content, which is why JazzJune aims to make the total price for both the creator and the learner, as low as possible.

Because we encourage our creators to develop learning communities, it means your listings will be active longer. Plus, it’s part of our strategy to keeping the overall prices low.

Earn your money back or get your money back.

With our Listings Guarantee*, if you don’t earn what you spent on a Marketplace Listings Subscription your first year, then we’ll refund you the difference up to the full amount!

It’s a completely risk-free way to break into the world of online learning.

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