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JazzJune is hyper-focused on learner success through customized virtual training programs.

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Did you know the average completion rate for online courses is only 16%?

You’re probably not surprised to learn that only 16% of people who start an online course actually finish it. There seems to be complacency among our peers with that appalling number. We view it as a failure to learners everywhere. That’s why is doing things differently.

We’re hyper-focused on the learning experience so you can focus on delivering your best training. Leave the worry about having a successful program behind, we have the tools and people to drive learner success, which in turn, will drive your program’s success.

Join us and let’s transform learning by improving learner outcomes & suceess!

Virtual training programs that actually move the needle.

What is a virtual training program on JazzJune?

Using our combined 30+ years of experience in eLearning & Instructional Design, we have created a unique blend of components to deliver impactful training programs that focus on our 3 pillars for learner success – Content, Community & Commitment.

We work with every instructor to customize and deliver a world-class training experience. Our programs primarily revolve around these 3 key components to deliver on our pillars.

  • Self-paced courses
  • Learning groups
  • Live webinars

The best instructors. The best programs.

The best of both worlds.

JazzJune is carefully selecting it’s very first instructors to offer virtual training programs on JazzJune.

While we are open for all instructors to apply, there are certain criteria that we require right now in order to become an instructor on JazzJune.

This controlled selection and onboarding process helps us grow at an organic pace, while continuing to deliver on our promise to improve learner success rates.

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