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Online education is only just beginning and yet it’s already way behind. At JazzJune, we are improving online learning with a simple, effective and affordable platform. 

JazzJune has developed the world’s first searchable, sortable online learning marketplace with access to crowdfunding, advisors, social networks of fellow students and a host of job opportunities. 

Partner with us to lead this transformation as a featured educational provider. Those who join us at the forefront of this revolution will enjoy:

  • The most comprehensive marketplace of education products and services. 
  • No need to change the hosting or configuration of your existing courses.
  • Opportunity to grow with partners who offer great training at a fair price, bringing more value to learners. 
  • An emphasis on ensuring learner success – crowdfunding, tutoring services, social groups give learners a place to find the money, help and support they need to achieve their learning goals

JazzJune carefully selects academic institutions and companies who share our vision of improving online education for everyone.

Together we aspire to democratize online learning, expand access for those who have been left out or left behind, and increase the quality of online classes and outcomes.

We look forward to working with you. Let’s JazzJune.

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