Negotiating Your Compensation Package

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Join career strategist and expert negotiator Emilie Aries as she walks through the process of successfully negotiating a new job offer, raise, or promotion. Discover why it's important to negotiate, how to start the conversation with strength, and how to leave the negotiation table with everyone feeling respected. Emilie covers how to research your market worth, the right way to turn an offer into a negotiation, how to prepare and deliver a winning counteroffer, how to evaluate your final negotiated offer, and more.
Content Type: Course
Mode: Virtual
Style: Self-paced
Leader: Emilie Aries
Time Commitment: 30+ Minutes
Level: Beginner
Credit: Certificate of Completion
Details: 4 Chapters, 16 Videos
Requirments: Computer, Internet Connection
Venue: Online
Language: English


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