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Boost your creator journey on JazzJune with an exclusive marketing package, including custom listings, a personalized landing page, national press release, ratings and reviews, dedicated blog and social media exposure, plus prime homepage and marketplace features, all SEO-optimized for maximum impact.

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"Embark on your creative journey with JazzJune's comprehensive marketing package, designed to elevate your presence and impact in the world of eLearning. This exclusive offer includes:

  • Three Custom Listings for One Year: Kickstart your course offerings with three personalized listings, optimized to showcase your unique content. After the first year, maintain your listings for just $149.99/year.

  • One Customized Landing Page: Capture the essence of your brand with a professionally designed landing page, tailored to reflect your unique teaching style and course content.

  • One National Press Release: Gain widespread recognition in the U.S. and Canada with a professionally crafted press release, announcing your arrival on the JazzJune platform to a broad audience.

  • One Rating & Review on a Listing: Boost credibility and attract learners with a featured rating and review, showcasing the quality and effectiveness of your courses.

  • Four Dedicated Blog Posts & Continuous Blog Mentions: Engage with our audience through four in-depth blog posts about your courses and continuous mentions, enhancing your online presence and reach.

  • Ten Social Media Posts with Paid Promotion: Expand your digital footprint with ten strategically crafted social media posts, backed by paid promotion to ensure maximum visibility across various platforms.

  • Four Weeks Featured on Homepage: Enjoy prime real estate on the JazzJune homepage for four weeks, placing your courses front and center for all visitors.

  • Four Weeks Featured Listing in Marketplace: Stand out in the JazzJune marketplace with a featured listing, giving your courses additional exposure to potential learners for four weeks.

  • SEO Optimization of All Listings: Ensure your courses are easily discoverable with SEO optimization, enhancing your visibility on search engines and within the JazzJune platform.

This all-inclusive package is tailored to empower creators like you to launch successfully, reach a wider audience, and achieve your educational and entrepreneurial goals with JazzJune."

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks
Revisions: 2 Revisions per Content Item
Commitment: Must have listing(s) ready within 90 days


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