Growth by the Numbers

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Stop Feeling Lost in the Numbers!

“Growth by the Numbers” empowers ambitious entrepreneurs to transform their finances and fuel business growth. Unlock the secrets of powerful financial statements with Ryan Murray’s practical guidance. Master pricing, profits, and strategic decision-making.

What's Included?

This Live Virtual Training Program is a 6-week training to help you complete the comprehensive "Growth by the Numbers" online course. This program is a self-paced, instructor-led virtual cohort that will meet for live webinars every Friday morning from 9am to 9:45am MST, starting on March 15th, 2024 until April 19th, 2024.

BUT! If you can't make the webinar, it's no big deal! Recordings will always be available after and you can still get support from Ryan and the rest of the class through the learning group.

Everything Included in this Program:

  1. Lifetime access to the "Growth by the Numbers" online course
    Click here to view the full course details.
  2. Lifetime access to the cohort learning group
  3. Lifetime access to the downloads, documents & resources
  4. Direct help from Ryan Murray during the 6-week program
  5. Certificate of Completion

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The Schedule

Live webinars with Ryan Murray covering each section of the course and offering custom help are every Friday at 9 - 9:45am Mountain Time.

  • March 15th - Introduction/Welcome
  • March 22nd - Break-Even
  • March 29th - Cash Flow
  • April 5th - Funding the Business
  • April 12th - The Money Cycle
  • April 19th - Your Financial Report Card

"What a refreshing experience to get Ryan's expertise first hand when we attended the 'Growth by the Numbers - Small Business Financial Management' course. We have been involved in different businesses for 20+ years and we could never get an accurate picture of what our business was doing until now!!! We have paid thousands of dollars to consultants who could not give us the knowledge that we gained from looking at our company through the numbers by the methods taught in this class. We discovered where our problem areas were and how to fix them. We now have a process to check-up on our business monthly. Thank you Ryan!!!"

Yvonne Gardner

What You'll Gain

  • Crystal-clear understanding of key financial statements like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow.
  • Expert insights on pricing, cost structures, and break-even analysis.
  • The power to make data-driven decisions about investments, funding, and growth strategies.
  • Confidence to speak the language of money with investors and advisors.

No more financial confusion! "Growth by the Numbers" equips you with practical tools and actionable strategies to:

  • Optimize profits and maximize cash flow.
  • Identify and eliminate hidden costs.
  • Secure funding with a watertight financial plan.
  • Measure success and make strategic adjustments for sustainable growth.

Stop struggling and start thriving. Invest in your financial future. Register "Growth by the Numbers" today!

What You'll Earn

  • A Certificate of Completion upon completing at least 80% of the course

Ryan Murray

Ryan is the creator of The 5 Disciplines of Marketing, Growth By The Numbers, and Entry Level to Success. He has trained hundreds of successful entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, customer service, and personal development. 


By the way, this is the best price available for this small business course. Sold elsewhere for $300, Ryan is able to sell for less on JazzJune because of JazzJune's creator-friendly pricing, and so here the price is only $149.

Mode: Virtual
Style: Cohort
Leader: Ryan Murray
Time Commitment: 6 Weeks
Level: Beginner
Credit: Certificate of Completion
Details: Includes the 'Growth by the Numbers' Course and access to the cohort group | Weekly Webinars with Ryan Murray covering each section of the training will be hosted for 6 consecutive weeks.
Target Audience: Small Business Owners
Requirments: Computer, Cell Phone or Tablet | Internet Connection
Deadline: 2024-03-14
Start Date: 2024-03-15
Start Time: 09:00

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    Growth By The Numbers – Small Business Financial Training


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