Data Science with Python Certification Training

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be around 11.5 million new jobs for Data Science professionals by 2026

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Data Science with Python course will enable you to learn these concepts from scratch and help you master important Python programming concepts such as data operations, file operations, object-oriented programming, and various Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib essential for Data Science. This Python for Data Science certification training will also make you understand the different types of Machine Learning, Recommendation Systems, and many more Data Science concepts to help you get started with your Data Science career.
Content Type: Course
Mode: Live
Style: Instructor-led
Time Commitment: 21 days or 7 weeks
Level: Beginner
Credit: Certificate of Completion
Details: 14 modules
Requirments: Computer, Internet Connection
Venue: Online
Language: English


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