Learning Community Setup & Seed

An AI-powered, done-for-you learning community that includes a 10 Lesson Course, Group Setup, Journey and Social Video for promotion.

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What's Included?

  1. Customized Profile
  2. 10 Lesson Course w/ 20 minutes of Video
    • 30 Minute Consultation
    • Draft Course Outline & Lesson Content
    • Produce Video
    • Develop Course
  3. 1 Group with Start-up Package
    • Setup Profile, Send Invites
    • Post Group Rules
    • Introductions, Discussions & Activities
  4. 5 milestone Journey
    • for promoting Course & Group
  5. 30 Second Social Video
    • for marketing & promotion
Delivery Time: 30 Days
Revisions: 2 Revisions for all content
Requirements: Photos & Brand Assests
Commitment: Consultation & Content Approval


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