Book Club Walk-Thru: MBS’s How to Begin

How to Host a Virtual Book Club

Imagine a book club where you don’t need to read the book! That’s what a “Walk-Thru” is all about. I’ve read the book and gleaned…

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Imagine a book club where you don't need to read the book! That's what a "Walk-Thru" is all about. I've read the book and gleaned all there is to glean. Join this book club and get immediate access to my private group--discussions are already started.

Also included with this book club are a journey and a course, which will be added as we walk-thru this book: How to Begin by Michael Bungay Stanier. All products will be available by October 31. Note: this book is about you starting to do something that matters, and it's process is refreshingly helpful in that regard. So, please get started with this book club, have some fun, learn, and connect.

C'mon and get in this book club:

  • You're going to know what's in this book
  • You'll see the whole process
  • You can start your something that matters
PS - You are going to want the book. You can get one through MBS's site here.
Content Type: Class
Mode: Virtual
Style: Community
Leader: Eric Matas
Level: Beginner
Details: Bundle includes (1) Private book club group, and coming soon, (2) Book Summary Journey and (3) Implementing the Process Course
Requirments: Curiosity or desire to do something meaningful in your life
Venue: Internet / JazzJune
Language: English

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