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Eric Matas needs amusement. Can you help?

Click below to buy your way onto the show as a guest on this podcast so you have a shot at Amusing Eric Matas. Join the growing list of brave guests including Patty Matas, Peter Durning, Leila Huff Ludy, Norm Gibb, Hayes Bergman, Saari McCornack, and Alex Londo.

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The Amusing Eric Matas Podcast

Amusing Eric Matas is a podcast with a creative monetization model. The podcast is gamified for the guest on the show, asking the guest to buy their way onto the podcast, during which they can win a 30-second ad spot on the podcast by amusing the host, me, Eric Matas.

Here's how it works:

  • You purchase this listing to earn your chance.
  • I will reach out to schedule your guest appearance.
  • When, or if, you amuse me, you win the sponsorship for the episode.

The sponsorship is a 30-second ad that I read during the podcast. The ad can be for your business, your service, a book you want to plug, or a charity or non-profit organization you want to shine some light on.

I’ve invited some special guests!

Due to some moving about the country and some beautiful luck, I have met many amazing people. Among my family, friends, school mates, and colleagues are some incredible people–who are wise and witty and great conversationalists. Listeners will be entertained by these knowledgeable, hip, and funny personalities.

Some guests will have insights (secrets?) about my life. But the podcast is definitely not all about me. The following bullets sum up some locations and times of my first 52 years of life; if you can chat about any of these, please, please, buy your guest spot on my podcast:

  • Mankato or Ghent, Minnesota (1970s)
  • Evergreen, Colorado (1970s)
  • Minneapolis and Blaine, Minnesota (1970s)
  • Pelham, New York (1980s)
  • University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota (1990s)
  • Bloomington, Minnesota (2010s)

Who doesn't want to know the secrets of Ghent, Minnesota?

We are starting to record episodes already, so don’t wait to get your guest spot. This is a limited time offer and the podcast has a limited number of episodes available for this offer.

Do I Need to Have Met Eric?

Nope, you do not need to have met me in-person. If we are friends on social media, strangers, or even enemies, you can buy your way onto the podcast and try to win the 30-second sponsor spot. To help you win, here are some thematic topics that are likely to amuse me if you come on the show:

  • Teaching, English & Literature, eLearning
  • Startups and Entrepreneurship
  • Spirituality, Meditation, Vibes
  • Fighting Type II Diabetes
  • Fitness Over 50
  • Having 7 kids
  • Baseball
  • Sticking It to the Man!

If you recognize yourself in any of these, come on the show and have some fun.

Do I need to have a funny monologue prepared?

Oh my, I would love that if you did! 

But you do not need to prepare at all. I will interview the guests and keep the conversation lively. At the end of the interview, I have some quick-hit challenges to keep you on your toes. 

I will start by asking, “So how do you know Eric Matas?” And we’ll go from there.

But, Eric, $100? What are you, famous?

Famous is as famous does. I’m not famous and don’t want to be. If I was, I would be insufferable, a real diva, and then sponsor spots would cost a lot more. I have equipment, time, and software costs to produce the podcast, and I am being creative to cover those expenses and maybe have a little left over for a haircut.

It’s true this monetization model is different. (So am I!) And, yes, $100 is no small chunk of change. Also, if you do not have a business, or book, or service to plug, then winning on the podcast might not be worth it to you.

I can tell you that I am trying to make up for lost time. I spent too much time and energy on career and business pursuits and too little time connecting with you all. I haven’t been having fun and being amused, and now I am going to have fun. Please join me!

Ok, is there anything special planned?

There are some specific stories I’ve planned for the podcast. For example, I can’t wait to hear and record my Dad telling me about my grandpa’s POW experience in World War II. That’s very personally meaningful, and I want to record it before I can’t.

There are a couple of surprise guests (hint: not Oprah), who are fan-favorites from the 1980s timeframe mentioned in the bullets above.

What if I’m not funny or good at conversations?

Then we’ll drink during the recording. And tell sordid stories and secrets for all to hear!

If you are worried, you and I will talk before recording and make a game plan. Also, you can come on the show with another guest to take the pressure off.

Do I need to travel to Minnesota to record?

No travel is necessary. I use to record remote guests. The Riverside experience is just like a Zoom video call, but this podcast is audio only, and I won’t be publishing the video. If you are in the twin cities, you can come to the JazzJune office and record live with me.

So I Should Sign up Now?

Yes, please! I like to plan as much ahead as possible.

Thank you for considering it. I know it will be fun and entertaining.


- -

Fine Print:

Purchase this listing to buy your way onto this podcast for one guest appearance on one episode (note that your episode may need more than one recording session).

If You Amuse Eric Matas:
Eric will read your 30-second sponsor message if you amuse him, which means your $100 is well spent (sponsor message is subject to Eric's approval and may require editing before it is recorded).
If Eric is Not Amused:
At the end of your guest appearance, if Eric is not amused, even in the slightest, then Eric gets to pick the sponsor! Then your $100 goes to the house. And he will read a sponsor message of his choosing. It will probably be about JazzJune, the coolest spot online for DIY EDU.
If you can’t schedule a recording time with Eric, or if life happens and it doesn’t work out, you will be 100% refunded for this purchase.
Requirements: Be Amusing
Commitment: 1 or 2 Recording Sessions
Location Name: In Studio or Online


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